Research & Development (R&D)

Research & Development (R&D)

Unleash the power of collaborative research between academia and industry, shaping the Malaysian R&D ecosystem in the dynamic E&E sector.

CREST promotes and facilitates collaborative research between Industry and Academia through which universities can increase their ability to produce industry-ready researchers, and industry players can benefit from the research findings.

CREST does not operate any research laboratory but focuses on funding research setup located either in university or industry as nominated by each research team. The grant also funds postgraduate students participating in the research work.

The R&D initiated would be based on market needs and demand to prevent commercialisation problems. A total of 161 projects have been approved since 2012, with a total value of RM205 million grant for industry and academia collaboration projects, of which 36% was funded by CREST and 64% contributed by industry players partaking in the projects.

Subsequent to the completion of the R&D projects, the outcomes of the research are shared with the industry and academia community through Reveal & Discover platform, with the intent to promote further collaboration in similar areas and expand the benefit from the specific research to a larger group in the ecosystem. The knowledge sharing session, Reveal & Discover Lecture Series, focusing on specific topics, are organised to enable sharing of the specific research outcomes for further research collaboration and exploitation.


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