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Is CREST a government-owned agency or a government-linked company (GLC) ?

NO. CREST is a not-for-profit organisation, a private company limited by guarantee, guided by a Board of Directors made up of representatives from leading and relevant industry, academia and government organisations/institutions.

How is CREST funded?

CREST receives funding from different channels for different programmes. The CREST R&D Grant is funded by the Government of Malaysia, together with industry and higher learning institutions by contributing in cash and/or in resources on per project basis.

When and why was CREST formed?

CREST began its operations in 2012. The idea and concept of forming CREST was mooted as early as in 2009. CREST was formed to address Malaysia’s needs for a change agent to bring together Industry, Academia and Government to collaborate in R&D initiatives for the E&E sector. Through these collaborative research, design and development activities, a vibrant R&D ecosystem can be developed to accelerate economic growth for the sector.

Does CREST focus its operations and activities in Penang only?

CREST is a national development initiative, it is for the entire Malaysia. CREST started in Penang because of its strong existing local E&E support system. But it is expanding its footsteps across Malaysia, regionally and internationally.

Does CREST have other offices other than in Penang?

At the moment, CREST has one physical office in Penang. However, it is already in progress for CREST to have satellite offices across Malaysia in the relevant major cities including Kuala Lumpur.

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