Drones & Autonomous Vehicles

Drones & Autonomous Vehicles

Revolutionize the way people work by unlocking new possibilities with drone and autonomous vehicle technology.


Personal pocket drones weighing just a few grams may soon become indispensable accessories, allowing people to take dronies instead of selfies and creating city-wide networks of sensors. At the RE.WORK Future Cities summit in London this week, researchers from the UK and the Netherlands have spoken about latest developments in the autonomous aerial vehicle technology, which is slowly penetrating various areas of human activities from package deliveries to land surveying, agriculture and medical care.

Malaysian, Brahmal Vasudevan has invested a €1.25m Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial College of London to develop and test autonomous flying robots. Many potential applications and technology can be developed based on the drone’s platform. This include, but not limited to gyroscopic stabilisation system, closed-loop digital control system, GPS and geo-fencing technology, navigation and guidance, lightweight materials, energy efficient drives and propulsions etc.

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