Meet Our Team

Welcome to our ‘Meet Our Team’ page, where you’ll have the pleasure of getting acquainted with the talented individuals who power our organization, each contributing their unique skills and passions to our shared mission.

CEO’s Office

Jaffri Ibrahim

Zainab Ahmad Redza

Monica Leong

Zuhri Zuhaili

Research Management

Lim Poi Hong

Tazura Hazilla

Nur Atikah

Talent Development

Haziati Abdul Hamid

Market & Industry Development

Fouzun Naseer

Lim Kok Peng

Naja Mohammad

GaN On GaN

Lau Yue Hoong

Internet of Things

Ahmad Zamfidi


Suresh Kaliaperumal

Kathryn Chek

Mohammad Fazil

Kamaleswari Singka

Fadhlina Ahmad

Siti Asmah

Nasseruddin Hamid

Let’s Collaborate

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