CREST R&D Application

CREST R&D Application

Discover the ins and outs of CREST’s R&D grant application process. Apply for grants now.

Experimental R&D
  • Research on industrial application
  • TRL 4 to 6
Prototype R&D
  • Development of Minimum Viable Product prototype demonstrated in operational environment
  • TRL 6 to 9

Application Procedure

CREST R&D Grant application form should be filled out completely and submitted together with the requirement documents. Application form may be different from cycle to cycle, so be sure you download the latest copy directly from this website. Submission must be made in softcopies via email to before the application deadline.

Submit your application and supporting documents in softcopy before 31st October 2022 to the email below.
Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (CREST) sains@usm, Block C, Ground Floor, No. 10 Persiaran Bukit Jambul, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, MALAYSIA

Industry-Academia Collaborative R&D

The fund provides matching grant to Industry-Academia collaborative R&D projects on various science and engineering disciplines relevant to Electrical & Electronic sector focusing on development of Gallium Nitrade (GaN) based electronic products and technology.

This matching grant aims to identify and award R&D projects towards Experimental Research and Development (R&D), creation of innovative products, intellectual properties, knowledge and mastery of GaN technology and E&E complimenting areas for applications in Light-Emitting Diode (LED), Electric Vehicle (EV), System on Chip (SoC), and Radio Frequency (RF) and others.

Key Requirements
  • Experimental R&D
  • Prototype of high-tech products or services
  • Intellectual property inventions
  • Industry ready postgraduates
  • Completed within 24 months

Basic Terms and Conditions

  1. Research project in Gallium Nitrade (GaN) based technology and Electrical and Electronic complimenting areas.
  2. Prototype R&D project may involve at least company, with or without university. Experimental R&D project must involve at least one company collaborating with at least one university.
  3. At least one of the companies and/or the universities involved in the project must be located in Malaysia.
  4. Maximum approved duration is 24 months.
  5. Company and university involved in the project must contribute at least 50% of the total project cost (in kind and/or in cash) towards the project.
  6. All rights and title to any Intellectual Properties (IP) created pursuant to the project shall vest in CREST which shall hold the company and university’s share of the IP in the project on trust and the company and university shall enjoy revenue sharing from the commercialisation and exploitation of the Intellectual Property.
  7. Full-time post-graduate student researchers and full-time post-doctorate researchers whose tuition fees and/or allowance are paid by CREST R&D Grant must be Malaysian citizen. Full-time postgraduate students in the project shall be funded via CREST i-GRASP program.
  8. Each approved research project is obligated to meet stated milestones and deliverable obligation.
  9. Project funded by CREST R&D Grant must not share any of its deliverables to meet other grant obligation.
  10. CREST R&D Grant will be awarded to members of CREST only.

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