The catalyst that accelerates Malaysia’s economic growth, by creating a vibrant R&D ecosystem for E&E industry, and bring together Industry-Academia for collaborative R&D.

The E&E Industry in Malaysia, which currently contributes RM37 billion in Gross National Income (GNI) and provides 522,000 jobs, is expected to contribute RM90 billion in GNI and 679,000 jobs by 2020.

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Showcasing CREST R&D Grant funded projects...



Improving Cycle Time In Wafer Fabrication

Replacing human executions task with reliable and fast systems- Virtual Manufacturing Assistance (VMA). The project successfully developed a Virtual Manufacturing Assistance...


Power Amplifier Performance Enhancement

Custom-made TRL (Thru-Reflect-Line) calibration kit that improves test calibration method in terms of accuracy for the RF power amplifier measurement platform. Employing...



Prediction of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Failure in Electronic Product

The project is to establish a comprehensive process in reducing product development cycle time of solving issues due to ESD. The process involves 3D simulation methodology...



A team of passionate, experienced and knowledgeable people, experts in their own fields, forms the backbone to drive CREST goals.



What our partners are saying about us...

Dr Wan Hamidon Wan Badaruzzaman
Prof Dato’ Ir Dr Wan Hamidon Wan Badaruzzaman
Director, Engineering Accreditation Department (EAD) / Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC)

Supporting the IHL-Industry Relationship

...CREST need to be complimented for all the activities you are currently organising for the Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL). These activities are very much in support of the IHL-Industry relationship and exposure to Engineering practice that are being emphasised by the EAC.

Dr Khairiyah
Dr Khairiyah Mohd Yusof
Director, Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) / Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Collaborate and Create Platforms for Collaboration

...I hope that we can get more industries sectors to follow the sterling example given by CREST in collaborating with academia. Like what we concluded from the Complex Problem Solving seminar two days ago, we need to collaborate and create platforms for collaboration. I'm starting efforts to initiate a similar model used by CREST to have university-industry collaboration with the Oil and Gas industries, will definitely need your help on this.

Dr Pu Suan Hui
Dr Pu Suan Hui
Assistant Professor / University of Southampton (USMC)

Industry-Academia Engagement

Recently my colleague Dr Mihai Rotaru attended the CREST IAF on 25th Mar and he was very impressed with the level of engagement between industry and academia. He has since encouraged the rest of us at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus (USMC) to participate in the cluster focus groups.

MOE logo
Malaysia Higher Education Blueprint 2015-2025
Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia 2015-2025 (Pendidikan Tinggi) / Ministry of Education

Replicating the CREST Model

One of the reasons industry has a low appetite for investing in R&D is its poor understanding of R&D capabilities in academia, as well as the lack of a "matchmaking" scheme to bridge industry demand and academia expertise. To close the gap, the Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (CREST) programme was launched in 2012...The Ministry will replicate the CREST model in other sectors where there is strong industry participation and commitment, and academia strength.

Prof Mutharasu
Mutharasu Devarajan
Associate Professor, School of Physics / USM

Initiate Collaboration with Industry

For years we have always hoped for an organisation like CREST to be here in Malaysia. It makes my work of initiating for collaboration with industry partners much easier.

C.B. Chuah
CEO / Pentamaster

Finding the Right Partners

There are many projects which we can collaborate with universities but the issues is finding the right partners. With CREST we have a good start.

Prof Zaidi Mohd Ripin
Prof Zaidi Mohd Ripin
Dean, Mechanical Engineering / USM

Speeding Things Up

Academia now has to go according to the pace of the industries. There is no time for 12 months of just reading literature papers and only do research after that. We are now getting ready for 6 months delivery timeframe as set by industry.



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