The Northern Region, primarily Penang, is host to the largest conglomeration of technology-based companies in Malaysia.  With a fifty-year history of having global technology leaders such as Intel, Motorola, Agilent, OSRAM and Bosch, the region is the heartbeat of the Electrical & Electronic (E&E) Industry in the country.  

In the last 5 decades, Penang has been home to more than 2,000 manufacturing companies and contributes at least 300,000 jobs. 

While the E&E sector has been growing from strength to strength, both the industry and government knew that it was taking place in silos, and there was a need for a neutral platform.  

This is where CREST launched its journey in 2012 to drive collaboration between industry and the academia and at the same time attract expertise globally to build strong research & development capabilities as well as a crop of technopreneurs. 

CREST’s incubator programme @CREST PLACE has supported over 20 local startups involved in Internet of Things, integrated circuit design, industry robotics and e-business.