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Cluster Focus Research & Development

Cluster Focus Optoelectronics, LED and Solid State Lighting Embedded System & Internet of Things IC Design, Test & Validation Advance Materials & Packaging World-Class Electronics Manufacturing Drones, Driverless & Autonomous Vehicle
Compound semiconductor engineering (III-V) 3 Data Analytics, Big Data Science 6 Advanced testing (IC/Board/SW) – Probe cards, JTAG 4 Semiconductor device packaging – Multi-chip packaging (TUV, TSV) 4 Industrial Automation & Robotic Autonomous aerial vehicle technology 3
Thermal materials 5 Advanced wireless communication 8 IC Design automation 4 Cheaper Epoxy/Materials for Mass-Market Optoelectronics Low Volume, High Mix (adaptable mfg) 2 Gyroscopic stabilisation system
Advanced Polymers Sensors & Sensing 6 Advanced Logic Emulation 1 Compound semiconductor engineering (III-V) Smart factory, IoT in manufacturing 1 Closed-loop digital control system
High Power Electronics Interconnect Energy systems – harvesting, storage, management 11 UI/UX-specific SoC/IC/FPGA design 1 Nano-materials and structures for interconnects, circuitry, thermal management 15 Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Technology GPS and geo-fencing technology
Optical Inspection of Emi-translucent surface 2 Organic, Printable electronic 1 Materials for 3D printing, inkjet printing 1 Integrated Design to Manufacturing, Supplier in Design Navigation and guidance 3
Smart / Autonomous Lighting System 2 Wearables 1 Connected Supply Chain Lightweight materials
Market Focus – healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, retail, smart city 14 Computer Integrated Mfg; Efficient Mfg Scheduling System 5 Energy efficient drives

*Number indicated projects from R&D Grant mapped to key domain areas (updated on 18 Sep 2019)

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