Catalyst for Malaysia's Technology Ecosystem

The Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology Centre (CREST) is an industry-led collaborative platform for market-driven R&D and Talent Development to enable Malaysia to become a high income nation.

Based on the membership framework, CREST drives commitment from the Government, Industry and Academia members as active strategic partners


To be the Premier Industry-driven Center for Collaboration in Research & Development, Talent Development and Commercialisation for the E&E Industry to accelerate economic growth in Malaysia.


To advance scientific knowledge in the E&E sector through collaborative basic and applied research between academia and industry, forming a center of research excellence.

CREST at a glance

E&E Focused Market-driven R&D

Platform for collaboration

Forging local & International Strategic Partnerships

Research & Development,
Talent Development, Commercialisation

Triple Helix Membership


Geography Agnostic

Generating solutions
with economic impact

SMEs and local companies leading close to 60% of research projects