The 1st CREST Industry-Academia Forum 2015

The 1st CREST Industry-Academia Forum 2015 was a great success drawing close to 100 technical experts, management leaders, academicians to exchange ideas on accelerating specific domain areas.

Dr NorAzmi Alias | 16 April 2015

We successfully held the CREST 2015 Industry-Academia Forum on 25th March, 2015. We were delighted and honoured to have so many industry and academia experts attended the forum, exchanging ideas on what are specific technology domain areas to focus on and how we can move together accelerating Research and Collaboration in key areas that are important to the growth of the Electrical and Electronic (E&E) Sector. The one-day forum was well attended by 35 technical experts and management leaders from 18 local and multinational companies, 62 lecturers and researchers from 18 local public and private universities, and 18 representatives from 7 government agencies and research institutions.

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CREST Industry-Academia Forum 2015 Group Photo

The day began with the CEO of CREST, Jaffri Ibrahim welcoming the participants with a brief introduction on CREST and what it had accomplished in its first 3-years of operation in 2012-2014, known as the Seeding Phase. Through its R&D Grant programme, CREST has spurred 74 collaborative R&D projects between industry and university based on the needs of the industry. Most of the projects awarded in 2012 had completed. Some of the outcomes include providing savings opportunity in electronic manufacturing processes, new patented design to be incorporated in new communication product to be released at end of 2015 and new method to improve thermal performance of microelectronic component.

This forum is one of few follow-up activities from CREST Industry Retreat conducted in late 2014 where we further refined our existing 3 clusters since 2012 — (1) Optoelectronics/LED, (2) Embedded Systems and Internet of Things, (3) IC Design Test and Validation — and further expanded the cluster activities to include Advanced Materials and Packaging, World Class Electronic Manufacturing and Drones, Driverless Vehicles and Autonomous Transportation.

Participants, based on own interest, were separated into respective cluster sessions, where each spent more than 3½ hours on the following:

(1) discuss market trends and opportunities in depth;

(2) establish a compelling future for the cluster;

(3) idea storming on key domain areas required to capture the market opportunities; and

(4) put together a high level roadmap and execution plan for the cluster.

Industry representatives from each cluster presented their cluster plan going forward and agreed to hold frequent meetings and reviews to ensure continuity of the cluster activities.

The forum ended with a Q&A session, with overall, very positive feedback on the forum’s organisation and outcomes achieved. CREST values all the inputs received and will strive to ensure continuity of this cluster discussions and activities among industry and academic partners alike.

CREST appreciates the great support from industry stakeholders, university and agencies partners collaborating making this inaugural Industry-Academia Forum a success. Future series of cluster activities and translating the opportunities and needs into academic curriculum will be announced accordingly. The forum ended on a positive note with all the participants taking a group photo.

CREST would like to express our gratitude for the participants’ support, contribution and commitment to be a part of the very first CREST Industry-Academia Forum, which is the seed for continual collaboration between the relevant parties in developing new technology, products and solutions for the growth of the E&E sector.

contacts  Please contact the respective facilitator for cluster specific activities:

  • Optoelectronics & LED
  • IC Design, Test & Validation
  • Advanced Materials & Packaging
    Fung Wei,
  • World-Class Electronics Manufacturing
    Dr NorAzmi,
  • Embedded Systems & IoT
  • Drones, Driverless Vehicles & Autonomous Transportation
    Dr Khoh,

We would appreciate more feedbacks and suggestions from you on IAF 2015.

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