The Great Lab

Made by Engineers and Scientist



The Great Lab (TGL) is a student-led initiative to gather industrial problem statements from science, technology and engineering companies, and challenge all Malaysians to solve them.

The idea of The Great Lab started off in a little meeting room in London. Malaysian engineers and scientists from 9 different universities in France and UK came together to discuss technology advancement in Malaysia and how they can contribute to it. It was then they realised how little they know about our country – they know nothing of the vast solar panel fields or the world class fabrication plants, the Olympic standards of  our country’s communication unit development capabilities, or the cutting edge microprocessor research. They wanted to know more, see more, and do more.

Hence TGL was born! You will be exposed to the current state of the advanced research going on in Malaysia, through seminars, workshops, interactive sessions with professionals, and industrial mentorship and placements. You will be introduced to the working environments in the industry. You will build up new useful skills. You will learn of the amazing opportunities in Malaysia. You will tackle and solve industrial challenges, and see your ideas come to life!

So, come on! Accept this dare.

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