Talent Development

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As CREST clearly focuses on growing R&D in key E&E clusters through Industry-Academia collaboration, the Talent Development programmes are streamline into nurturing undergraduate talent to have the relevant skills and experience for these clusters prior to graduation. 

Customisation of industry-relevant talent programmes to specific cluster and competency domain areas are an important element of our programmes where we facilitate to bridge the gap between the learning experience in classrooms with early exposure on industry-relevant skills and competencies via workshops, projects and lectures by industry experts. 

The Great Lab

Project based learning of industry specific skills are driven through The Great Lab where students from any discipline and year of study have the opportunity to develop their own ideas into Proof of Concept (PoC) by solving specific industry problems and challenges during their internship period. These industry problems and challenges are also made available for students to pursue their design projects, final year projects and even postgraduate research (MSc or PhD).

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industry relevant graduates trained
new industry relevant MSc & PHD
academic based
technopreneurs nurtured
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TGL Finishing School Programme

The programme has 4 certification levels consisting Awareness (Level l), Technical Workshop (Level 2), Projects (Level 3) and Industry Lectures (Level 4).

Students can participate in various talent
development programmes such as workshops,
bootcamps, technical training, industry/lab visits and
industry lectures that are co-delivered with CREST
partners. Upon completion of each level, participants
are awarded certificates under the CREST – Industry
Certification Programme (IndCert).

TGL Grand Design Challenge

A science, engineering and technology design
competition where university and high school
teams compete for the best innovation project

Identified university and high school teams from
CREST talent workshops or bootcamps are
awarded project seed fund in order to design and
develop their ideas until Proof-of-Concept (POC)

TGL Industry Project

List of industry challenge statements are offered
to university students as industry challenges as
well as design, Capstone, final year, research or
entrepreneurship projects.

TGL Industry Youth Bootcamp

A collaborative effort between CREST, the industry
and universities to increase awareness and
interest among high school students in STEM
education and to promote job opportunities in the
Electrical and Electronics industry.