Reveal & Discover Series: The SilTerra Case Study

The first of the Reveal & Discover Lecture Series, entitled “SilTerra Case Study: Manufacturing Scheduling Systems for Effective Cycle Time and Optimum Output” held in CREST.

CREST R&D Team | 2 September 2015

The first instalment of the series brought together 39 participants from industries and universities to discover the effectiveness of CREST R&D project conducted by SilTerra. We had a good sized audience of 26 engineers from E&E companies and 13 lecturers from local universities.

Dr Nor Azmi Alias, the Senior Vice President of our Research Management team, kicked off the session with a brief welcoming remarks.

welcoming remarks by CREST Senior Vice President of Research Management, Dr. Nor Azmi Alias.

(right) Dr Nor Azmi Alias

Dr Mohd Aziz Chik

(left) featured speaker, Dr Aziz Chik


Dr Mohd Aziz Chik, the featured speaker, also the project leader of the research team shared his findings on improvement of cycle time using virtual manufacturing assistant and the effect of its implementation in SilTerra.

The participants were very enthusiastic over the rare opportunity presented by this series, where a leading company openly shares its method in improving production cycle time. They also had hands-on experience through a guided exercise on scheduling refreshments.

Wrapping up the first segment of the day, Dr Aziz’s lecture ended with an extensive Q&A session.

The next segment began with Dr. Nor Azmi Alias giving a brief introduction on CREST, our Cluster Development initiatives, and highlighting one of the clusters CREST is focusing on — the World Class Electronic Manufacturing cluster, relevant to the day’s topic.

Dr Azizi’s lecture ended with an extensive Q&A session

Mr. Shekar Krishnaswamy on “Improving Manufacturing Productivity through Scheduling”.


The final segment of the day was a presentation by the Practice Manager of Applied Material, Shekar Krishnaswamy on “Improving Manufacturing Productivity through Scheduling”. The platform from Applied Material was used to develop the Virtual Manufacturing Assistant.


Group Photo for 1st R&D Lecture Series

Group photo at the end of the session – Happy faces and thumbs-up!

The event received a lot of positive feedback from participants. Many were surprised

by the willingness of SilTerra in sharing the info. Others simply love the exercises and the guidance. The delivery of the lecture was extremely easy to understand; since the lecture was more of an experience sharing rather than merely technical lecture hence many engineers could relate to it.