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Reveal & Discover showcases a selection of CREST R&D Grant funded research works completed through collaborative efforts between industry and academia.

Research outputs include solution to existing process, new methodology, new process, development of new product and much more. These research findings have benefited the participating company tremendously. This project showcase is a platform to introduce the research innovations to the market, providing opportunities for investment and new partnership.

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Reducing Test Time Over Product Lifecycle

  P07C2-12 : In the manufacturing of high complexity electronics, long hours of testing are typically required to ensure adherence to published specifications. The project is modelled as job shop scheduling problem where each test operation is evaluated and optimized to speed up the test time. A tacit knowledge acquisition approach with inconsistency detection is developed […]

Embedded Capacitor Application based on Ultrathin Film Composites

  P19C2-12 : Nowadays electronic equipment is having greater functionality in smaller size to adapt miniaturisation, efficiency improvement, reliability and minimum cost. Latest electronics technology products such as smart phone, tablets tend to design in thinner form. The aim of project is to establish high-k dielectric material based on thin film composites for embedded capacitor application. […]

Improving Cycle Time In Wafer Fabrication

  P16C1-12 : Replacing human executions task with reliable and fast systems- Virtual Manufacturing Assistance (VMA). The project successfully developed a Virtual Manufacturing Assistance (VMA) as an independent system to fully assume decision-making tasks in dispatching for cycle time improvement.

Power Amplifier Performance Enhancement

  P15C1-12 : Custom-made TRL (Thru-Reflect-Line) calibration kit that improves test calibration method in terms of accuracy for the RF power amplifier measurement platform. Employing characterisation of three simple types of standards reduces all possible errors in the measurement process, maximising test output and enhancing performance of the RF power amplifier.

Prediction of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Failure in Electronic Product

  P02C1-12 : The project is to establish a comprehensive process in reducing product development cycle time of solving issues due to ESD. The process involves 3D simulation methodology to predict system level ESD soft error failure without incurring a physical PCB assembly in order to evaluate ESD performance at product design stage.