Introducing the CREST R&D Grant

CREST R&D Grant supports research activities in various science and engineering disciplines relevant to E&E sector, and  all funded researches are collaborative projects between universities and companies. CREST does not operate any research laboratory but focuses on funding research setup located either in university or industry as nominated by each research team. The grant also funds postgraduate students participating in the research work. 


Collaborative research between universities and industry plays significant role to create and grow Malaysian R&D ecosystem in the Electrical and Electronics economic sector. CREST is promoting and facilitating universities and industry players to get together and undertake collaborative research through CREST R&D Grant through which universities can increase their ability to produce industry-ready researchers and industry players can benefit from the finding of the research.

Terms and Conditions

CREST R&D Grant has terms and conditions to ensure only applications which are in line with grant objectives are considered for funding and to ensure the grant programme achieves its goals.  This includes eligibility requirement for organisations and researchers participating in the research, co-funding conditions, scope and duration of the research, and deliverable obligations.

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