Research & Development

Driving Industry-Academia Collaborative R&D Activities

Collaborative research between academia and industry plays significant role to create and grow Malaysian R&D ecosystem in the E&E economic sector. Through the CREST R&D Grant, CREST is promoting and facilitating academia and companies to get together and undertake collaborative research through which universities can increase their ability to produce industry-ready researchers, and industry players can benefit from the research findings.  The R&D initiated would be based on market needs and demand to prevent commercialisation problems. A total of 94 projects have been approved since 2012, with a total value of RM79 million grant for industry and academia collaboration projects, of which RM33 million is funded by CREST and RM46 million contributed by industry players partaking in the projects. As our main drive is to see the implementation of the research outcomes into commercial products or improving manufacturing productivity and product quality, more than 30% of the completed projects have been translated into new products or improved processes by the industry collaborators. More projects are in the pipeline for completion and to be translated into new products and improved processes.

Subsequent to the completion of the R&D projects, the outcomes of the research are shared with the industry and academia community through Reveal & Discover platform, with the intent to promote further collaboration in similar areas and expand the benefit from the specific research to a larger group in the ecosystem. The knowledge sharing session, Reveal & Discover Lecture Series, focusing on specific topics, are organised to enable sharing of the specific research outcomes for further research collaboration and exploitation.