Connected Healthcare Cluster

Realising cost effective, quality healthcare and wellness solutions with IoT

CREST Connected Healthcare Cluster was formed to focus on the application of wearable embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT), and connected devices technology; and the successful commercialisation of healthcare products, solutions and services by the E&E industry. Led by industry, supported by academia and government, flexible wearable embedded systems and connected devices are poised to advance Malaysia healthcare industry into the next plateau of benchmark locally, while opening up new opportunities globally.

Devices and end-to-end solutions that are capable of monitoring all the health vital signs of the users in real-time by healthcare providers and medical professionals anywhere, anytime would soon become a norm. This created a reservoir of local and global market demand and opportunities in connecting thesmart IoT medical devices that are capable of monitoring the condition and well-being of the device users.

In our collaborative partnerships with prominent institutions such as Cambridge University UK, strives to set up an innovation ecosystem for local universities and companies to embark on the research and development (R&D) of a flexible wearable electronics technology, with the intent of infusing a subset of this cutting edge technology into new healthcare products and solutions.

Complementing the technology R&D of industry and academia, CREST also works with medical professionals (doctors, clinicians, etc) and end-users (patients, wellness users, etc) to gain key customer insights, use-cases and medical industry requirements in realising the high quality, cost effective healthcare solutions and services.

If you are interested in creating new healthcare and wellness solutions, email us at to join the Connected Healthcare Cluster.