Industry Development

Creating Commercialisation and Market Engagement Opportunities

Through our industry engagement initiatives, we are set out to drive 4 key market verticals in the Internet of Things (IoTs) identified by the industry – healthcare, transportation, smart cities and retail. Cluster development programmes for healthcare and transportation have started with Kontron and Motorola Solutions as industry lead.; with more than 50 companies and universities actively participating and driving towards creating solutions and products.

crest-place-logo2, based in Penang was opened for companies and individuals. Focusing on the fields of LED, embedded and IoT, and IC Design, CREST Place is an innovation hub where ideas will be created, executed and accelerated; and where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses be it for expansion or to test out their business ideologies. CREST is working with industry players like Cisco, Dell, IBM, Intel, and Kontron to jointly set up the IoT Cloud Data Centre and Research Lab in CREST Place.

CREST also plays a key role in facilitating collaborations between industry and universities, between MNCs and SMEs, with the support and participation from the relevant Government organisations and institutions, through various knowledge exchange and business-matching initiatives including Strategic Workshops, Symposiums, Domain Expert Database, and Shared Services Database.