CREST Open Day

28 June 2016

We held our first Open Day on 28 June 2016. CREST Open Day main agenda was to engage our collaborators from the E&E space through sharing of experience and knowledge, be it as representation of organizations or individuals with specific expertise. The first CREST Open Day brought together 25 organizations from industry and academia with 50 registered participants.Kajin Teoh (resize)

We are fortunate to have 3 speakers with diversified background and with a total of more than 50 years of experience combined. Our first speaker was Mr.Kajin Teoh (inset right), who is a Technical Business Consultant of IME Group of Companies. Mr.Kajin delivered a talk on the type of tools that researchers can utilize to aid their research or engineering projects. These tools could facilitate cross projects collaborations and assist researchers and engineers in various complex design and engineering challenges.

 (Access to presentation materials:                                                                         

             Dr.Yeong Che Fai (resize)                                                                                

Our second speaker is a senior lecturer and researcher turned avid entrepreneur, Dr.Yeong Chee Fai (inset left) . Dr.Yeong is a true testimony of how researchers can and should continue to turn their research outcome into a feasible commercial product. He has managed to implement his research work in Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) in a real manufacturing environment through a company that he founded, DF Automation & Robotics Sdn Bhd solutions.                                                                               



Todate, it already has customers which include WD, Sandisk, Jabil, Celestica, Sanmina, Sony, and Flextronics and have exported to Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. Dr Yeong continues to inspire his team of researchers to build valuable research with the set up of 2 more spin-off companies that are focusing on different solution and services:

  • Techcare Innovation Sdn Bhd where this company provides innovative rehabilitation device with virtual reality environment to enhance the rehabilitation experience;
  • Redeincor LLP provides consultations and training in entrepreneurship and technical hands-on workshops.


Kit Yong (resize)The third speaker is our silver hair expert, Mr.Kit Yong (inset right) whom has already enjoyed life as a retiree but his aspiration of building more entrepreneurs brought him to our Open Day. Kit Yong’s last position as R&D Director was with National Instruments in 2014, where he was responsible for NI’s R&D organization in Penang. He has more than 30 years experience building startups as well as working for big MNCs such as AT&T and Dell. Kit shared how an entrepreneur could turn their innovation into a successful venture through various models and case studies.


(Access to presentation materials:


Apart from the talks,  CREST Open Day showcased some CREST-funded collaborative R&D projects from various organizations representing USM, UTM (with 2 spin-off companies; DF Automation  and TechCare), UTAR Kampar and  KL, Agilent and CREST GaN-on-GaN Cluster Program.

DSC_1035 (resize) DSC_1120 (resize) FB15 (resize) 

DSC_1134 (resize) DSC_1132 (resize) DSC_1158 (resize) 

DSC_1126 (resize) 2016-06-28 09.18.36 2016-06-28 11.10.55


Project Representatives

Research Area

Prof. Dr. Mohd Zaidi Ripin (USM)

Acoustic – vibration and energy management.

Dr. Mutharasu (USM)

Thermal management with metal substrate.

Dr. Teh Peh Chiong (UTAR Kampar)

Optoelectronics and chemical/environmental.

Dr. Yeong Che Fai (DF Automation)

IoT Healthcare – Rehabilitation.

Ir. Dr. Lim Yun Seng (UTAR Sg. Long)

Solar energy management

Lee Wei Yan (Agilent)

Miniaturisation technique for handheld applications.

Lim Hoo Kooi & Kenneth Chua (CREST)

CREST GaN on GaN project

The event received a lot of feedback and suggestions. Final thoughts and considerations for improvements from some participants are as below:

“The topics are inspiring and good.”

“Eye opening event to encourage innovations and entrepreneurship. Talk on science business for academicians.”

Would be helpful if past collaborators between academics and industries share their experiences and challenges.”

“Encourage more interactions between organizer & participants; avoid theoretical talks & more hands-on/ practical activities.”

CREST First Open Day has been tested as a good platform for more interactions between CREST collaborators and yet-to-be partners,  creating opportunities for more collaborations in the future. Through the inputs and feedbacks, CREST hope to continue be the catalyst and develop more meaningful initiatives that will propel MALAYSIA E&E ecosystem to greater height.