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HIRING NOW Talent Development Executive Job Objective :  To plan, organise and implement talent programs and activities of Talent Development Department (TD) across nationwide regions. Responsible to coordinate and deliver internal and external programs undertaken by Talent Department. To act as the project lead for the department’s selected programs and activities. Liaise with […]

HIRING NOW MOCVD Engineer The Job This is an executive level engineer responsible for development of MOCVD processes and layer structures. Responsible to work hand-in-hand with researchers to develop recipes, towards achieving better performance, uniformity and yield. Required to maintain and improve research equipment which includes MOCVD, vacuum systems, gas systems, […]

The 37th International Electronics Manufacturing Technology(IEMT) & 18th Electronics Materials & Packaging Conference (EMAP). Venue: G Hotel, George Town, Penang, Malaysia Additional Photos via link below: IEMT MALAYSIA 2016 Collaborative Research in Engineering Science & Technology  

IEMT – EMAP 2016

Microsoft Malaysia (Microsoft) and CREST (Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a long term engagement to drive connected healthcare innovation in Malaysia. The MoU was signed at the Malaysia Telemedicine Conference 2016 at Swan Convention Centre, Sunway Medical Centre.

Microsoft Malaysia and CREST Sign MoU for Healthcare Innovation

28 June 2016 We held our first Open Day on 28 June 2016. CREST Open Day main agenda was to engage our collaborators from the E&E space through sharing of experience and knowledge, be it as representation of organizations or individuals with specific expertise. The first CREST Open Day brought […]

CREST Open Day

R&D TALENTS WANTED Malaysian graduate students for a PhD Programme for a PhD course CREST is seeking FOUR (4) Malaysian graduate students for a PhD programme at University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) under a collaborative programme between two parties. This is at least a 4-year research PhD course. The […]

PRESS RELEASE CREST, the non-profit company created by the industry, government and academiato drive the initiative to accelerate Malaysia’s electrical and electronics sector, has announced a research and development collaboration with UCSB that will help the country’s LED sector move up the value chain.

R&D tie-up with University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) to spur evolution of Malaysian LED Sector