Our Activities

3 Working Pillars and Key Drivers spearheading our different programmes and activities,

Research & Development

Collaborative research between academia and industry plays significant role to create and grow Malaysian R&D ecosystem in the E&E economic sector. Through the CREST R&D Grant, CREST is promoting and facilitating academia and companies to get together and undertake collaborative research that addresses market needs.

Talent Development

Through the E&E Sectoral Working Group, in partnership with leading E&E companies and TalentCorp, CREST is making positive impacts in encouraging Malaysian talents to consider career opportunities in E&E, and help churn out industry-ready graduates.

Commercialisation – Market & Industry Development

CREST also plays a key role in facilitating collaborations between industry and universities, between MNCs and SMEs, with the support and participation from the relevant Government organisations and institutions, through various knowledge exchange and business-matching initiatives