Penang State Government, CREST collaborate on SOP Measures To Safeguard SMEs

The Penang State Government welcomes the initiative by Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST) to introduce access to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) from CREST member companies and a consolidated Covid-19 Management Best Practice SOP, as a reference with the aim of assisting small medium enterprises (SMEs) in the state to operate safely and optimally.

In conjunction with the announcement, a focus group headed by YB Dato’ Hj Abdul Halim Hussain, Penang State Exco for Trade, Industry & Entrepreneur Development will lead this initiative under the patronage of the Penang State Government by providing advisory support to SMEs in the state of Penang to combat the spread of Covid-19. The focus group will play an instrumental role as a channel of communication between state authorities and the industries for matters related to Covid-19 control plans and procedures to ensure operational safety of businesses.

The focus group will consist of representatives from CREST and its member companies, the Penang Covid-19 Immunisation Focus Group, Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF), Ministry of International Trade (MITI) Penang, Invest Penang, Penang Development Corporation and Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers.

“It is imperative that the Penang State Government collaborates with the industries and relevant organizations to ensure a more targeted approach in implementing SOPs within the business community. This is in addition to setting proper governance in managing operational procedures and ensuring that all SMEs are able to operate at full capacity during this period of MCO and the threat of Covid-19,” said YAB Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister of Penang.

“I commend CREST and its industry leaders for championing this initiative and I am confident that the Covid-19 Management Best Practice SOP will raise the level of Covid-19 management among SMEs and businesses in Penang,” he added.

“I welcome the Covid-19 Management Best Practice SOP presented by CREST and captains of the industries. These best practices will set a precedent for SMEs in the state to resume their business in a controlled and careful manner,” said YB. Dato’ Hj Abdul Halim.

He further added “The Covid-19 Management Best Practice SOP presented by CREST is most welcome as it complements the SOP laid down by National Security Council and the State Government is committed to ensure that businesses comply with the SOPs in order to operate optimally under the new normal.”

​​”CREST is pleased to have played a role in formulating the consolidated Covid-19 Management Best Practice SOP. Under our patronage, the captains of the industries who are our board members and key representatives from the industry have shared best practices on how companies can operate safely during the pandemic. We hope that SMEs can implement these procedures to ensure business continuity,” said Jaffri Ibrahim, CEO, CREST.

He added that moving forward, CREST will be coordinating with the task force (or focus group) to provide guidance and expertise support to SMEs to ensure proper implementation and adherence to strict SOPs. “We will be conducting education and awareness sessions to assist SMEs on proper Covid-19 control measures and procedures to safeguard both their employees and facilities,” Jaffri said.

The Covid-19 Management Best Practice SOP is set to benefit many SMEs in the state of Penang.

“Most of these SMEs form the backbone of the E&E industry, a catalytic sector that cuts across many industries, particularly in producing parts and components for medical devices, enterprise storage, cloud computing and other technological innovation. Therefore, it is critical that we ensure that proper measures are put in place to ascertain continuity of our supply chain,” said Chow.

Further information on the Covid-19 Management Best Practice SOP can be obtained/ download here: and