Building back better: A sustainable, resilient recovery for Malaysia’s E&E industry


The year 2020 has all the makings of a momentous year. The Covid-19 outbreak has sent global industries and economies into a tailspin, posted significant threats to the healthcare system, severely disrupted the supply chain and dampened consumer spending.

In Malaysia, the Movement Control Order (MCO) kicked off on 18th March, and curtailed economic activities severely. The Electrical & Electronics (E&E) industry was heavily impacted by the lockdown which caused manufacturing facilities to come to a grinding halt and brought about major disruptions to the supply chain.

Whilst these volatile times have put the industry through a stress test, the silver lining lies in the emergence of opportunities for new ways of thinking and doing things. This includes finding new strategies to revitalize, restructure and rebuild towards a sustainable future.

Amidst this crisis, we have seen captains of the industry formulate strategies to adapt and overcome the uncertainties posed by the pandemic. These leaders have adjusted to the disruptive events with speed and agility and collaborated with trusted partners to find solutions that contribute to the recovery of their organizations, the industry and ecosystem.

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