Call for Sponsorship NCCR 2021


The National Conference for Clinical Research (NCCR) is the annual assembly for Malaysia’s
clinical research industry. It is when researchers, industry and regulators share updates and
discuss issues pertaining to this field. NCCR brings together people from different professions
and various disciplines who share a common interest in clinical research. This year, the
14th NCCR 2021 has been transformed into a dynamic and interactive virtual collaborative and
learning experience.

The research sphere in Malaysia evolves and expands, growing in diversity each year. Revolving
around the theme “Niche to Norm”, NCCR 2021 features several research fields of interest in
precision medicine, clinical trials and digital health. With these special focuses, the NCCR 2021
will ensure the most current information, clinical updates and best practices are delivered to
foster professional development and peer recognition among Malaysian clinical research


In order to encourage and cultivate good research practices, each year, the Young Investigator
and Research Poster Awards are presented to outstanding scientists in recognition of their
contributions to society. Dr Wu Lien-Teh Society has been the sponsor for these research
awards since 2015, with the aim of inculcating good research culture and to continue the
medical legacy of the Penang born Dr Wu Lien-Teh, a public health champion. He was acclaimed
internationally for his control of the Manchurian Plague and is regarded as the first person to
modernize China’s medical services and medical education.

Event information
Date: 17th – 20th August 2021 (virtual event)
Time: Kindly refer to agenda at
Audience: 700 attendees (healthcare professionals, researchers, regulators, industry
players in Clinical Research)


Call for Sponsorship