Digital Healthcare Cluster

Convergence of digital technologies with healthcare, living, and society to enhance the efficiency if healthcare delivery

At CREST, we aim to enable growth in emerging markets by leveraging on our capabilities in the electrical and electronics sector (E&E).

Our goal is to spearhead affordable and accessible healthcare innovations through digital

Thrust 1.

Initiate strategic collaborations to innovate digital healthcare solutions.

Thrust 2.

Encourage the application of Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics (A.I.D.A) to improve efficiency and productivity

Thrust 3.

Foster a vibrant innovation culture and competent talents.

3 technological advances that will play a very important role in healthcare sector in Malaysia.

  • Digital records and database – information to be added to patient’s medical history enabling further diagnosis of patient’s health.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (A.I.D.A) – the use of surgery-assisting robots to provide better precision and accuracy for informed decision-making by the healthcare professionals.
  • Breakthrough technologies through R&D&C – every single invention creates a better treatment options, better recovery and enhanced immunity for the entire population.

Did you know

  • 73% of total deaths in Malaysia, with the biggest contributor being cardiovascular disease.
  • Diabetic eye disease is the commonest cause of visual loss and the prevalence rises to 40% – 50% after 10 years of disease onset.
  • Every year, number of kidney patients increases around 1000.However only 30 – 40 kidneys are available for transplant every year.