Welcome to CREST

CREST is the catalyst that accelerates Malaysia’s economic growth, by creating a vibrant R&D ecosystem for E&E industry, and bring together Industry-Academia for collaborative R&D.

The E&E Industry in Malaysia, which currently contributes RM37 billion in Gross National Income (GNI) and provides 522,000 jobs, is expected to contribute RM90 billion in GNI and 679,000 jobs by 2020.

The current E&E industry is still very much focused on Manufacturing, with little to show for higher value-chain activities such as R&D. Seeing a gap between the current scenario and the future scenario, the Government of Malaysia has developed several initiatives:

  • Talent Corporation was established in 2010 to help with the country’s talent requirements
  • MIDA has been actively attracting new investments in and out of the country
  • Various Ministries and agencies are continuing the development of the infrastructure

and CREST, was then launched in June 2012 to drive R&D activities and bring positive change to the R&D ecosystem in the E&E Industry and accelerate growth.