CREST R&D grant Application

Open R&D Grant

  • Since June 2012
  • Aims to promote industry-driven research collaboration in areas relevant to the E&E sector

Targeted R&D Grant

  • Since September 2014
  • Aims  to develop IPs in specific domain areas to benefit the larger ecosystem
  • Technology cluster focused

CREST R&D Grant Application Procedure

CREST R&D Grant application form should be filled out completely and submitted together with the requirement documents. Application form may be different from cycle to cycle, so be sure you download the latest copy directly from this website. Submission must be made in both hard and soft copies. The softcopy must be submitted before the application deadline whereas the hardcopy must reach the CREST R&D Secretariat no later than days after closing date.


One of the key items that need to be submitted in the application is Research Project Plan. A well-thought off Research Project Plan requires due diligence in research planning. Although CREST does not provide standard format for this, a guideline indicating areas which CREST is interested in is available to the prospective applicants. Contact us now to find out more on the schedule of briefings.

Deliverable Obligations

Report and Review

1. Quarterly progress report submission
2. Quarterly financial report submission
3. Periodic face to face project review and audit
4. Final report submission and review


1. Graduation of post-graduate student(s),

2. Publication in journal or refereed conference

• 1 publication per funded MSc student researcher
• 3 publications per funded PhD student researcher
• 3 publications per year per funded post-doctorate researcher

3. Intellectual property filing

• Proof of filing for patent or proof of filing for other unprotected IP

Research Monitoring and Reporting

Research project monitoring and control is essential to CREST R&D Grant administration. Approved research project owners are required to submit quarterly progress report.

CREST R&D Secretariat will decide if site visit is necessary and conclude whether the research project is progressing satisfactorily. This quarterly progress evaluation is used to determine whether funding should continue for the proceeding quarter.

Basic Terms and Conditions

1. Research project involves at least one company pairing with at least one university.

2. At least one of the universities involved must be located in Malaysia.

3. Companies involved must be registered in Malaysia.

4. Companies involved must not be owned by the university.

5. Either project lead or principal investigator must be Malaysian citizen. In the event the project lead and principal investigator is the same person, he/she must be Malaysian citizen.

6. Full-time post-graduate student researchers and full-time post-doctorate researchers whose tuition fees and/or allowance are paid by CREST R&D Grant must be Malaysian citizen.

7. Students involved in the research project (regardless of whether allowance is paid by CREST Grant) shall not be the project lead.

8. Approved funded research duration corresponds to research scope. Maximum approved duration is not more than 3 years.

9. Company contribution must be at least 50% of total research project budget for CREST Open R&D Grant.

10. Any equipment and software purchased under CREST R&D Grant is owned by CREST.

11. Each approved research project is obligated to meet stated deliverable obligation.

12. Project funded by CREST R&D Grant must not share any of its deliverables to meet other grant obligation.

13. CREST R&D Grant will be awarded to members of CREST only.

Submit your application and supporting documents in both hardcopy and softcopy before 31st August 2020 to the addresses below.

Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (CREST) sains@usm, Block C, Ground Floor, No. 10 Persiaran Bukit Jambul, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, MALAYSIA or